Cimteq is pleased to announce the latest upgrade to its cable and design software CableBuilder 3D. Cimteq’s CableBuilder software manages the complete cycle of cable design and manufacture through typical workflow milestones of Design, Customer Quotation, Ordering, Production, Quality Assurance and ERP.

By freeing up engineer time to work on more innovative activities, CableBuilder customers are able to shorten the time to new product launch and enjoy the ROI that brings.  Its 3D imaging – fully integrated into a customer’s website – ensures that cable end-users have access to prototypes of the highest detail and accuracy. The new development allows CableBuilder clients to create sectored cables in 3D. 

The latest iterations to CableBuilder offer enhancements across a number of key areas:

Performance and Efficiency

  1. Processing designs in multiple threads
  1. mixMagic.e2keyVLookup() and mixMagic.e3keyVLookup()
  2. Scheduling 
  3. Synchronous design indexing 
  4. Bulk project processing 

Additional Drawing Types

  1. 3D sector drawings
  1. 2D Grease under/under & over/over
  2. 2D Hatching

Additional Features

  1. SPC QA Module 
  2. Inspection frequencies

Katy Harrison, Cimteq Marketing Manager, explains the reason behind this latest development:  “2019 is proving to be a significant development year for Cimteq. This new product iteration takes the opportunities afforded by CableBuilder 3D to a whole new level. Our new Cimteq Academy, which has recently launched and is now open for learning, further complements our software with resources on all things cable and wire manufacture.”

To arrange your personal demo of CableBuilder 3D’s new functionality, please email Katy Harrison, Marketing Manager, Cimteq at 

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