Chroma Color Corporation has acquired Color Resource LLC, a manufacturer of colour concentrates for the telecommunications, fibre, building, electronics, and speciality wire markets. Color Resource’s manufacturing plant is located in Leominster, Massachusetts. This acquisition significantly expands Chroma Color Corporation’s current product offerings in the wire and cable marketplace and other key market segments.

Founded in 2009, Color Resource has provided customers with stock and custom colour concentrates that meet Munsell, NEMA, RAL, and SAE J-1178 specifications for PVC, PE, PP, and EVA resins. These colour concentrates often include additives for UV protection, anti-microbial, flame retardancy, anti-static, or chemical resistance for use in harsh environments.

Chroma Color President, Howard DeMonte, stated, “We are pleased to now offer our current wire and cable customers with new moisture cure options for emerging markets such as low voltage, automotive, and appliance. Additionally, Color Resource’s plant in Leominster, Massachusetts, is very close to the Chroma Color’s facility. This makes the blending of our companies easier on our team members and seamless for our customers.”

“This key acquisition of Color Resource brings other technologies and know-how to Chroma Color, especially for our customers in the wire and cable market,” stated Chroma Color CEO, Tom Bolger. “Our entire team is fully prepared and ready to support Color Resource’s customers during this time of transition. We are confident that customers will realise immense benefit as a result of Chroma Color’s expanded capabilities to support their needs.”

Image source: Courtesy of Chroma Color Corporation

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