Brand-Rex was the world’s first network infrastructure solutions provider to achieve carbon neutral status for the company’s global organisational and operational activities in accordance with the PAS2060 standard as well as the first to offer carbon neutral products. Over the past 4 years, we have accounted for over 70,000 Tonnes of carbon savings worldwide. Our target was to reduce emissions by 20% by 2015 to keep us ahead of the UK government target of 34% and the Scottish government target of 42% by 2020.

Our achievements have been driven by our target to reduce our emissions relative to each metre of cable that we produce by 20% by 2015 based on 2009. The UK target for businesses is to reduce emissions by 34% by 2020 and based on 1990 figures, Scotland’s target is tougher still with a target reduction of 42%.

Looking back at our 2009 carbon footprint, not surprisingly for a manufacturing company 60% of baseline emissions are relative to electricity, 13% to heating and fuel and 19% towards the delivery of products. This equated to a carbon emission focus area of almost 90%. This number is then divided by the number of metres of cable that are produced each year, which drives efficiencies and sustainability.

Over the past 4 years, Brand-Rex has implemented many initiatives including, electronic invoicing, the replacement of roof panels in the manufacturing plant in order to increase lighting levels as well as switch off nearly 900 during our long summer daylight hours. This ensures the company maintains the ISO14001 approval, which was awarded back in 1998. Adopting a closed loop water management system means the manufacturing plants now requires less than 4.5 litres per day, meaning the company uses more water making tea and coffee for employees than it does to run the manufacturing plant. A 54% reduction in gas, recycling rates of 79%, introduced smart lighting as well as automatic machinery switch off & power monitoring has led to over 1400T of carbon savings relating to electricity, which is a great achievement.

These achievements have been driven by Brand-Rex’s target to reduce company emissions relative to each metre of cable produced by 20% by 2015. As per the below chart showing the predicted the graph to target line Brand-Rex are proud to achieve this target one year early. Brand-Rex has invested £300k in measure which has helped reduce emissions, but have saved over £1million including those associated with energy price rises. This illustrates that by thinking green, any company can realise both environmental and economic saving.

Thanks to the continued efforts of staff who have worked hard to reach this achievement, Brand-Rex continues to make sustainability part of everyday life . The journey has relied on a strong vision and setting the standard for the industry as many companies like to talk green, but can they walk it as well?