Manufacturer Roxtec has provided cable and pipe sealing systems for ten new data centres across Britain and Europe in the past year.

Graham O’Hare, Managing Director of Roxtec’s UK arm, said the sector is booming and the firm has worked with multi-national software corporations, councils, banks, universities, medical companies and power services.

Mr O’Hare said: “We have worked on different types of projects from brick build constructions to steel and prefabricated data centres. Our products have been used on power and control system cables passing through building foundations, and on fibre-optic and transmission cables ranging from Category 5 to Category 7. They have further been used on cooling pipes of different sizes and materials, and on cables and pipes passing through interior and outer walls, substations, control rooms, control cabinets and fibre ducts.

“Roxtec was chosen because our certified cable entry seals protect against multiple hazards including gas, explosions, fire, dust, flood, rodents and electro-magnetic disturbances. Traditional sealants only protect against one particular hazard. Our waterproof seals meet IP ratings for water ingress and E&I fire rating.”

He added: “In addition to acting as a firestop, the seals offer environmental benefits because as airtight seals they prevent cool air from escaping data centres, thus reducing energy use and costs.”

In addition, to the benefits of its products, Roxtec’s experience in telecoms construction makes it ideally-placed for modern data rooms and modular data centres.

Many data centre clients have also used the free Roxtec Transit Designer software to design their cable transits. Electrical design engineers enter their cable schedule and the Roxtec software then filters the information to produce manufacturer-approved material lists and detailed CAD drawings.

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Roxtec Background

Roxtec was founded in Sweden in 1990. Today it is the global leader in the manufacture of innovative cable and pipe transit systems, supplying many of the world’s biggest firms. It is active in 70 markets.

Roxtec products are designed to seal cables and pipes and are used to protect people, buildings and equipment from multiple hazards including fire, explosions, water, gas, dust, vibrations and electro-magnetic disturbances as well as vermin. Traditionally Roxtec has made seal products and accessories to carry cables and pipes through walls, floors and decks. Products include a range of seals, frames and accessories for single and multi-cable installation (known as transit).

Its key market sectors include marine, oil and gas, telecoms, construction, power (generation, distribution and transmission) OEM – (e.g. trains, engines, motors, generators) and the process industries. Roxtec has a Triple-A credit rating and is actively expanding into new areas offering innovative and safe sealing solutions to a variety of industries.

It is now sealing electrical equipment, panel enclosures and containerised equipment by challenging traditional cable gland products, which are designed to attach and secure the end of a cable to equipment. Roxtec testing has shown its seals are slashing costs by being quicker to install and easier to maintain. In the US, cable glands are often known as a cable connector or fitting.