This month witnessed the launch of what has been described as ‘the cable manufacturer’s dream’ – a single comprehensive set of tools to control the design and manufacture of cables in one place. The product is called CableSuite and is the result of a partnership between two of the leading players within the cable software industry, Cimteq and InnoVites. The two companies selected the Wire exhibition held in Dusseldorf in April to unveil their project which was met with great enthusiasm from delegates at the event.

CableSuite is a complete and fully integrated enterprise software solution that supports all business functions of cable manufacturers and distributors combining CableBuilder, CablePlan, CableERP and CableMES. CableSuite enables a cable manufacturer or distributor to significantly optimise and accelerate its business processes through its excellent combination of tools. The individual elements of the package are in their own right ground-breaking in the benefits that they can deliver to companies adopting them so it certainly stands to reason that that this combined package is something that has the industry talking.

Ali Shehab of Cimteq stated “CableSuite is a natural progression for both ourselves and InnoVites in the way in which we can assist our customers by helping them to become more efficient through the use of our products. By packaging the core elements of our flagship systems together in the form of CableSuite we can truly deliver a one stop shop solution to allow cable manufacturers to design and manufacture cable more efficiently and profitably. We are excited to witness the transformation our clients experience upon adopting the system.”