Bury based manufacturer Roxtec is launching a new ‘High Density’ cable seal designed to protect equipment in industrial and hazardous areas.

Roxtec UK managing director Graham O’Hare said Roxtec has combined its world class design, innovation and manufacturing skills to develop the cable transit device which can also significantly reduce the quantity, size and weight of cable sealing systems – something the industry has been calling for.

Mr O’Hare said: “The Roxtec HD cable entry sealing system can be used across a broad variety of equipment from terminal boxes and enclosures to marshalling cabinets, junction boxes, fieldbus boxes and control systems. It has been designed to meet key requirements of tightness, retention and corrosion resistance, and provides efficient environmental protection for electrical equipment. However, we believe this product will be of particular interest to the oil and gas, process and pharmaceutical sectors due to its ability to withstand potentially explosive atmospheres. Its versatile features mean it can be used for many different cable types such as smooth, corrugated, armoured and non-armoured within non-hazardous locations such as industrial settings.

“Through our in-depth knowledge and experience of cable sealing we understand there is a strong demand for solutions which can reduce the weight of cable enclosures and applications. With this in mind we have designed the HD system so that it can accommodate up to 32 cables. The ability to feed multiple cables into one opening can save large amounts of time as only one hole needs to be cut. The solution is also a cost saver as it dramatically reduces labour and product overheads compared to installing 32 separate traditional cable glands. Our tests have shown that the Roxtec HD solution can create weight savings of up to 50pc and can increase cable capacity by 40pc when compared to traditional cable glands.”

Mr O’Hare said Roxtec has developed an international reputation for sealing cables and pipes entering structures, and its products are now increasingly being used to protect equipment.

“One of the greatest strengths of Roxtec’s product range is its durability,” he said. “The new certified HD sealing solution is tested and approved for extreme environments from -60C to +80C. This cable transit device offers a direct replacement to stainless steel and brass cable glands. It has been designed with an AISI 316L acid proof stainless steel frame which will not corrode in harsh environments. In addition, the peelable layer design means the cable seal size can be easily manipulated giving designers greater flexibility by not needing to know the final cable specification before beginning installation. In a bid to further help designers, we also offer free online software through Roxtec Transit Designer. This can be used remotely with speed and ease removing the time-sensitive and costly process of designing detailed cable configurations.”

For more details contact Roxtec UK at Waterfold Business Park, Bury Tel: 0161 761 5280 Email info@uk.roxtec.com or go online at: www.roxtec.com