P-Laser 525 kV is the first fully recyclable environmentally friendly HVDC cable

Increased power transmission capacity and lower system costs by more than 10%

Milan, 18 April 2016 – Prysmian Group, world leader in the energy and telecom cable systems industry, is launching a new breakthrough cable technology for the development of power transmission grids that will ensure better environmental sustainability, higher electrical performance and lower costs. The Group announces today the successful development and testing of its new P-Laser 525 kV cable system for High Voltage Direct Current (HVDC) applications.

“This is a significant and important new technology that shapes the progress of HVDC in the cable industry and reconfirms once again our undisputed leadership in driving technological innovation within the sector”, stated Massimo Battaini, Senior Vice President Energy Projects at Prysmian Group. “We are proud to offer this advanced technology to our customers engaged in developing, extending and upgrading their power grids, while seeking to reduce environmental impacts with solutions that provide them with superior system performance and cost benefit” he added.

Unique environmental performances with lower CO2 emissions and fully recyclable materials

P-Laser is the name given to the most advanced and innovative technology that permits a more efficient cable production with lower environmental impact than traditional XLPE. Manufacture is performed in a single and continuous process and does not require chemical reactions to achieve the properties required for the long term electrical integrity of HVDC insulation systems. This feature gives the benefit of shorter production times and results in both reduced energy consumption as well as lower greenhouse gas emissions. P-Laser is particularly suitable for HVDC applications, moreover, it is the first HVDC cable that can be fully recycled at system en-of-life.

Higher electrical performance enabling up to 10% cost reduction in power transmission

P-Laser technology is fully compatible with existing cable and accessory technologies, provides better electrical performance and a higher material integrity for HVDC in comparison to traditional XLPE-insulated cables. From an efficiency perspective, P-Laser technology has higher thermal performance properties, which increase the power transmission capability of the cable system for a given conductor size, thereby enabling average overall cost reductions of approximately 10% per transmitted MW.

P-Laser application to HVDC underground and submarine systems marks a world first in the cable industry. This milestone achievement follows the Group’s recent announcement of the successful testing of the XLPE extruded cable solution at the same voltage level (525 kV DC) in December 2015 and is further recognition of the clear commitment and leading role Prysmian has towards innovation in cable technology.