Brady (NYSE:BRC), a global leader in industrial and safety printing systems and solutions, today announced its BSP™45 Automated Sleeve Applicator. It improves the sleeve application process by automatically removing sleeves from the liner, opening them so a wire can be inserted, and applying them to the wire.

“This efficient, automated sleeve applicator eliminates the tedious task of hand-applying hundreds of wire sleeves, giving workers more time to focus on other important tasks,” says Chris Gauthier, regional product manager, Wire ID for Brady. “Anyone who frequently uses and applies wire sleeves will enjoy the ease and speed of the BSP45 applicator. It was developed to improve processes for intensive wire sleeve users, such as harness shops and panel builders, in the aerospace, defense, rail, and chemical, oil and gas industries.”

The BSP™45 Automated Sleeve Applicator eliminates the repetitive task of manual application that can lead to bottlenecks and repetitive motion injuries. In addition, it applies sleeves up to 6-10 seconds faster than manual labeling, which leads to saved labor and time resources. With a durable construction, the BSP45 applicator is designed for high-volume, long-term use.

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