Belden, a leading global supplier of specialty networking solutions, announces six Q2 2022 product launches that give customers new integration capabilities, new ways to safely carry power over long distances and products with fast lead times.

Networking and Software:

  • Hirschmann BXS Gigabit Switches provide a reliable, cost-effective solution for industrial engineers and train builders who need to ensure fast, powerful connectivity to end devices and passenger infotainment systems without using additional cabling.
  • Hirschmann GREYHOUND 105/106 Ethernet Switches combine hardened industrial hardware with high-performance switching capabilities to deliver fast, secure, cost-effective and futureproof connectivity.


  • Lumberg Automation LioN-X® IO-Link Masters now offer integration possibilities into PLC environments from Mitsubishi with CC-Link IE Field Basic to leverage networking on production floors. An IODD interpreter enables uploads of IODD files on webservers to easily parametrise any connected IO-Link sensor or actuator.


  • Belden’s Digital Electricity (DE) Class 4 Cables recently received the industry’s first Class 4 certification from UL. As buildings become more intelligent, Digital Electricity Cables can support safe and efficient emerging digital power technologies by carrying close to 20 times the power that Power over Ethernet delivers, over hundreds of metres, offering a safe alternative to AC power.
  • Belden OSP Dry Loose Tube Cables are designed with gel-free technology. To prevent water migration, the sub-units contain superabsorbent materials (SAP) instead of gel. With a current lead time of eight weeks—28 weeks faster than the competition—these cables can be on the jobsite fast to help customers finish jobs on time.
  • Belden RS-485 Cables ensure safety, reliable connectivity and performance—even across long distances. Flame-retardant B2ca and Cca cables reduce the risk of harm to people and equipment in the event of fire.

Image source: Courtesy of Belden

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