Wire and coatings technology leader Bekaert will present its armouring solutions for subsea power cables and its high-tensile, low-sag steel core solution for overhead power lines, which are Shaping the Future of energy transmission and contributing to sustainable electrification, at this year’s CRU Wire & Cable Conference, June 24-26, 2024, in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

The talk, titled: Shaping the Future of Energy: Opportunities for co-creation of wire & cable solutions for Sustainable Electrification, will be held on the third day of the event, June 26, 2024, from 16:30 to 17:00 and will last 30 Minutes.

Speakers include:

Wim Van Haver
Innovation Director Sustainable Products & Processes, Bekaert

Stefan Vitko
Sales and Marketing Director Energy and Infrastructure, Bekaert

Chenfei Wang
Head of Wire and Cable, CRU

During the talk, key messages that will be discussed include:

  • Bekaert’s commitment to smart, safe, and sustainable living & moving
  • Developing solutions for the energy transition
  • Collaborations in the offshore ecosystem driving innovation and impact 
  • A sustainable armouring solution for AC subsea power cable
  • Safe high-voltage power transmission through optimum armouring efficiency

Take advantage of this exciting opportunity to learn more about how Bekaert can help shape the future of energy transmission and contribute to sustainable electrification.

Register for your place here: https://events.crugroup.com/wireandcable/register

Read more about Bekaert here