Wire and coatings technology leader, Bekaert, will present a case study on “Bezinox®: Non-Magnetic Armoring Wire with Protection against crevice Corrosion as a Solution for Subsea Power Cables” at the 2nd Annual Submarine Power Cable and Interconnection Forum, which is being held from 15th -16th November, at Eurostars Berlin, as well as virtually.

Sustainable energy transmission has become one of the critical topics over the last few years. To address this and to present technical findings and solutions to prevent stainless steel crevice corrosion, Bekaert’s R&I Manager Corrosion and Metallic Coatings, Bart Allaert, will present a case study on how Bezinox® armoring wire plays a vital role in eliminating losses in offshore power cables. 


Submarine AC power transmission cables require armoring wires for installation and protection during operation and decommissioning. The armoring usually consists of galvanised steel wires. Unfortunately, due to the magnetic susceptibility of standard ferritic steel, the armoring results in power losses and local heating of the cable.

Stainless steel is austenitic and thus paramagnetic, which avoids the cable’s power losses and local heating. Although lab tests show good corrosion resistance of 316L submerged in NaCl solutions at room temperature, increasing temperatures and actual seawater conditions with bacterial slimes result in detrimental crevice corrosion of the 316L. A solution to this problem is using well-established galvanisation for the classical armoring on the austenitic stainless-steel wire. As the classical armoring, Bezinox® does not show crevice corrosion susceptibility and offers corrosion protection as in the classical galvanised steel wire armorning.

To summarise:

· Crevice corrosion as a challenge for subsea power cable armoring

· Stainless steel wire as THE solution and its features

· Bezinox® armoring wire and its benefits for subsea power cables

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