The device family of the powerful Ethernet Web-I/O EWIO-9180 and Open Smart Metering Gateways EWIO-9180-M from METZ CONNECT is extended by devices with BACnet and Modbus protocols.

Two product families of the EWIO series will now be available for automation and energy data management (consumption tracking and monitoring).

The EWIO-9180 is extended by the two EWIO-9180-BACnet and EWIO-9180-Modbus devices purely for automation purposes, enabling future integration of Ethernet Web-I/Os into BACnet/IP and Modbus-TCP network environments. Each of the compact devices features an integrated BACnet or Modbus server that interfaces the digital or analog signals from the sensor/actuator level with a BACnet/IP or Modbus TCP network. This enables implementation of various BACnet / Modbus functions for different tasks in automation via a higher-level management system or client. Additional external I/O modules can be seamlessly connected to the EWIO devices with a jumper connector, hence extending the diversity of applications covered.

Due to the German Electricity Tax Act (StromStG), utilization of an energy management system is mandatory for optimizing energy efficiency of organizations. The metering series of the EWIO-9180-M product family is suitable for determining, recording and regular checks of energy performance indicators as well as for use in automation applications. Just like the standard series, the EWIO-9180-M (Ethernet Web I/O-9180-Metering) is extended by two devices for BACnet (EWIO-9180-M-BACnet) and Modbus (EWIO-9180-M-Modbus) protocols. This open smart metering gateway creates consumption transparency, promotes energy efficiency and increases the energy benefit. With the open smart metering approach, METZ CONNECT provides the framework for self-customization of the EWIO-9180-M to any specific application scenario.

Each metering device also features an integrated BACnet or Modbus server that interfaces the signals from sensors/actuators with the BACnet/IP or Modbus TCP network. In addition to that, open smart metering devices enable automatic reading of meter data from M-Bus and Modbus for energy consumption monitoring and energy monitoring in buildings, machines, plants and systems.

An integrated web server allows the EWIO-9180-M to be configured and parameterized via a web browser, independently of the platform. The data collected for higher-level energy management systems are provided by an integrated database as CSV via email or FTP (S). Using applications on the basis of Linux shell scrips or Python 2.7 (EWIO-9180 only), logic connections can be implemented automatically via web interface. Settings, programs and data can be copied from and saved to the device flash memory via a µSD slot, which also enables booting from a memory card. The number of I/Os can be increased flexibly using the connection options for external extension modules.