Axon’ Cable, the expert in interconnect solutions, has chosen to celebrate France Year in Korea in two original ways. On the one hand, the French company organizes together with SAMTRA, Axon’s exclusive agent in South Korea, technological days with space and aeronautics customers on 25th and 26th May in Daejeon. On the other hand, an art exhibition presenting art pieces from two French artists, René Sultra and Maria Barthélémy will be organized with the support of Axon’ on the evening of 26th May at Lee Ungno Museum in Daejeon.

Art and technology

Art patronage is closely linked to Axon’s history.  Opening of new halls, new factories, open days, customer symposiums are good opportunities to exhibit artists. This time, the company has gone further. It has directly been involved in the creation of an art exhibition called “Rétina Axonométrie”. Axon’ engineers have brought their technical support to digital art pieces created by René Sultra et Maria Barthélémy. By weaving optical fibres from the modern technology with cloth fibres from traditional techniques, artists have created a modern support which creates graphic and light effects. This art piece is a way of expression of our multimedia environment where art, communication and mathematics meet.

Axon’: technological artist

The mission of Axon’ has consisted in connecting different bundles of fibre optics into electronic boxes designed and manufactured by the company with 3D printers, production tools of the Factory of the Future. The electronic boxes have been connected with a flat cable manufactured by Axon’. Axon’ expertise in interconnect techniques has been vital for the creation of this art piece. The miniaturization of electronics and cables has been the essential technical element of this hybrid art piece. In order to achieve their artistic work, René Sultra et Maria Barthélémy have been supported by the Institute of Vision, Artilect Fablab Toulouse, BDC Conseil, the POINTCARRE company and INRA-LORIA institute in Nancy.