Axon’ will showcase its expertise in the medical field on Medtec Ireland, booth 710 and Compamed, booth K27, hall 8B. Axon’ interconnects are mounted into medical devices used in operating theatres, for diagnostics or patient care. The Human body is an “environment” with special constraints for which Axon’ can deliver implantable cable assemblies.

Cable assemblies for medical devices
Axon’ Cable is very well versed in medical applications: biocompatibility, miniaturization, sterilization, aspect, reliability and resistance. These are requirements for which Axon’ can offer technical solutions. Medical cables are insulated with thermoplastic polymers chosen for the method of sterilization and the level of biocompatibility required by the customer.  For autoclave sterilization, Axon’ can manufacture cables and cable assemblies insulated with silicone or thermoplastics. The trend towards miniaturization concerns all markets including medical. Axon’ manufactures conductors which are twice to 5 times smaller than a hair. Wires and cables must be flexible in order to be placed in a limited space.

Interconnect solutions for automatic laboratory analyzers
Compact, accurate and fast.  These are the qualities required for analyzers and sampling devices used in medical laboratories.  Right from the outset in designing hybrid, spiral, flat or round interconnects, Axon’ Cable takes into account these requirements.  Axon’ cables and assemblies are designed to supply the robotic arms of automated devices and dispense fluid samples with precision.  They are characterized by their flexibility and flex life.

Flat flexible cables for flat displays
Axon’ Cable offers flat flexible cables (FFC) designed for board-to-board interconnections and Flat Display Connections for flat displays of medical equipment or laboratories. These flat displays can be used in operating theatres, in office practices, for endoscopy devices, diagnostics equipment or man-machine interface in laboratory equipment. They all have the same requirements: generate high quality images for reliable diagnostics or analysis.

Available in 0.50 mm, 1.00 mm and 1.25 mm pitches, FDC-flat cable assemblies are ready-to-plug flexible connections for board-to-display interconnections.These high data rate (LVDS) and very high data rate (UHS) flat cables are made of a 0.50 mm-pitch shielded flat cable. It can be terminated with Axon’ connector compatible with standard connectors.