The signs at SuedLink are under construction. TenneT has completed the necessary award procedures for the Elbe crossing. PORR AG was awarded the contract for constructing the Elbe crossing structure. At the same time, TenneT placed the order to deliver the tunnel vehicles with Autech AG. This paves the way for a scheduled start of construction of the Elbe crossing in autumn 2023 – after receipt of the planning approval decision. After the orders for the cables and converter stations have already been awarded, the Elbe crossing structure and the associated tunnel vehicles, with a total order value of over 250 million euros, mark another important step in the realisation of SuedLink.

Tim Meyerjürgens, COO of TenneT, said: “The Elbe crossing is a crucial building block for the realisation of SuedLink. With the conclusion of the two award procedures, we have reached a key milestone on the way to commissioning in 2028. With PORR AG, we can rely on a very experienced service provider in tunnel construction, with Autech AG on experts in mechanical engineering”.

“We are proud to be involved in such an important project for the energy transition. With its many years of experience in tunnel construction, PORR will play its part in completing the Elbe crossing on schedule,” assures Karl-Heinz Strauss, CEO of PORR AG.

Niclas Lorenzen, Managing Director of Autech AG, is looking forward to the cooperation: “With our technology and our know-how, we will contribute to the safe operation of SuedLink.”

The Elbe crossing is one of SuedLink’s largest special structures. Between Wewelsfleth in Schleswig-Holstein and Wischhafen in Lower Saxony, SuedLink has to cross the Elbe for around five kilometres by means of a tunnel structure. The so-called tubbing construction method is used, in which a specially manufactured tunnel boring machine digs its way under the Elbe like a mole. In the further course, six 525 kV power cables will be pulled in and connected to the SuedLink underground cables on both sides of the Elbe. Rails in the tunnel allow tunnel vehicles to enter the tunnel so that the tunnel is accessible for maintenance and repair work even after the construction phase has been completed. Construction is expected to take four and a half years. TenneT completed the preparatory construction measures at the shaft site in Schleswig-Holstein in June 2023.

Image source: Courtesy of TenneT

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