Baltic Offshore has completed all submarine fibre optical cable installations in Global Connects’ investment in a new digital highway, Aurora. Baltic Offshore installed the cables between Sassnitz-Bornholm-Simrishamn and Bornholm-Öland-Gotland, as well as increased the capacity in the route between Copenhagen and Malmö with a new subsea cable. The total length of the installed submarine cables is close to 500 km where the majority of the route has been buried into the seabed by a newly developed jet trencher.

“In a large project like this, there will be surprises and challenges along the way. Together with our customer and partners, we have created innovative solutions to fulfil new requirements, and we are proud to have finalised all routes with the highest focus on safety and quality,” says Natalie Franzén, CEO at Baltic Offshore.

You can learn more about the projects in Reference projects.

Image source: Courtesy of Baltic Offshore

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