Company also sponsors opening reception as it continues to solidify industry leadership position

LLFlex – a global leader in packaging materials and industrial laminate solutions for the building & construction, wire & cable, and tobacco packaging industries, will exhibit at Interwire 2019, May 14-16 in Atlanta. At Booth #965, LLFlex will highlight its Reyshield™ line of cable tapes and wraps, comprising mono and co-ex layered film formulations for exceptional quality and durability.

Exemplifying its role as a leader in the wire & cable sector, LLFlex also is co-sponsoring Interwire’s welcome reception at the College Football Hall of Fame.

A leading supplier to the global wire and cable industry, LLFlex leverages its worldwide supply chain, international network of sales agents and slitting partners to demonstrate its domestic manufacturing capabilities. Consisting of versions incorporating aluminum, steel and copper, respectively, the three-product Reyshield™ series supports LLFlex’s reputation as a dedicated industry supplier and only fully integrated US-based manufacturer of high quality armoring and shielding tapes.  

LLFlex offers quick lead times on short quantities, and possesses ample capacity to meet large and small order requirements. Via an in-house technology and innovations group that includes materials scientists, chemical/polymer technicians, a tech center and materials laboratory, the company also can provide unsurpassed technical and applications support.

Recent LLFlex efforts such as an enhanced stocking and inventory management initiative, as well as quick ship and cut-to-length programs, emphasize customer service, while the company’s multiple stocking locations ideally oversee inventory and reduce customers’ working capital exposure.   

“As both an exhibitor and sponsor of Interwire, LLFlex is continuing to assert its role as the only domestic manufacturer of heavy gauge cable wrap in the industry,” said Cheryl Craig, Business Segment Director, Industrial Laminates for LLFlex. “By touting the Reyshield™ line of cable wrap tapes and networking with other key players across industries, we are looking forward to maximizing our presence at Interwire for a productive and informative experience.”