ISLE, IL – September 23, 2015 – Molex, LLC expanded its printed electronics portfolio with the recently acquired assets of Minnesota-based Soligie, Inc. Custom Soligie solutions provide a robust and economical alternative to a rigid printed circuit board (PCB) or copper flex circuits in sensor applications for medical, industrial, consumer, defense, and other industries.

“Smart sensor products demand smart manufacturing methods. As electronic packaging continues to shrink in size, while ramping up in sophistication, customers need highly functional and cost-effective circuitry,” states Todd Hester, vice president and general manager for Molex Printed Circuit Products. “We provide early stage Soligie technology development with a clear path to high-volume manufacturing.”

Soligie sensor solutions are ideal for measuring temperature, shock and humidity, physiological monitoring, environmental and biochemical sensors, and virtually any sensor product requiring a thin, flexible electronic form factor. Soligie designs start with a low cost substrate onto which functional components are added using conductive silver ink to form the circuitry. Suitable for integrating sensors, batteries, RFID, thin displays, LEDs and other passive devices, the Soligie manufacturing process yields small, flexible all-in-one sensor solutions at a lower overall cost than conventional circuitry.

Molex manufacturing capabilities include electronic device bonding using high precision roll-to-roll (R2R) and sheet-to-sheet technology. A multi-station printing system can combine flexographic and rotary screen capability and the ability to print multiple layers for more efficient manufacturing. The R2R high speed printing process for Soligie solutions creates exact equivalents of copper circuitry in sensor applications, while reducing manufacturing processes, materials and cost.

Molex partners with customers and strategic suppliers to ensure Soligie materials and processes scaled to their functional requirements. Services include Soligie sensor design and process development, prototype fabrication, product development, commercialization and manufacturing. A framework of stringent quality systems ensures regulatory compliance, including ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 13485:2003 certified, and maintains compliance with FDA Current Good Manufacturing Processes.

“Our customers can now see their unique product innovations manufactured faster than ever before,” added Hester. “Whether the goal is to make a product lighter, thinner, more flexible—or to bring an entirely new concept to life—Soligie flexible printed technologies deliver the right sensor solution.”

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