Amphenol Ltd launched the Rhino connector series at Farnborough 2014 and has now introduced new members of the family.

In addition to the original Rhino 38999 connector Amphenol now offers circular connectors with push-pull and reverse bayonet mating systems to suit different applications and market requirements. This has been further complemented by the introduction of thru-bulkhead versions allowing cables to be connected through penetration panels.

One of the drawbacks of power distribution systems is the weight of copper cables. Amphenol has been working with Axon Cables to develop an aluminium cable solution and have introduced the Rhino Lite connector. This includes a sealing system between the connector and cable to prevent any galvanic corrosion issues.

Amphenol has also introduced both circular and rectangular multipole versions allowing the connection of a.c. and 3-Phase systems within a single connector. The rectangular versions are available in both cable mount and rack and panel versions and include interlock contacts allowing ‘hot-swapping’.

The newest member of the family is the RhinoLok connector. This is ruggedised contact with a locking mechanism designed for bus-bar installations, specifically where space is at a premium.
Amphenol can also provide overmoulded cable harnesses providing an optimised, cost-effective solution. These can include specific moulded features including low profile cable exits and pre-set angles. This is particularly useful where space is limited as the rigidity of the cables can make installation very difficult.

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