During DSEI 2015, Amphenol Ltd announced a working partnership with french company Axon cable

The intention of the partnership being to deliver a lightweight interconnect solution for power distribution in military vehicles. Axon Cable, headquartered in Champagne, France, has a wealth of experience in the design and manufacture of high precision extruded cable and has recently launched a new lightweight version of their flexible power cable called Flexforce Lite.

Flexforce® Flexible power cables are perfectly suited to systems where high currents and flexibility are paramount: armoured vehicles, tanks, radar systems, public transport, cars, wind power, robots and ships. Flexible power cables are made with very flexible conductors insulated with Axon’ Special compounds (ASC), halogen free or FEP materials for very tough environments. Flexforce® cables can greatly ease mechanical installation when the available space is very limited.

The newly released “Lite” version of this cable is made with Copper Clad Aluminium (CCA) conductors thus a weight saving of up to 37% can be achieved for a cable with comparative current rating & conductivity. The Aluminium based Flexforce Lite has a great degree of flexibility with up to 36% more stranding than a standard Class 6 conductor.

Development technicians at Amphenol Ltd have engineered a special version of their Rhino 38999 power connector which is designed specifically for termination to the Flexforce Lite CCA cable, delivering weight reduction of the connector itself and also a termination method that mitigates the risk of galvanic corrosion and hot spotting. The new lightweight version of the Rhino 38999 connectors still support up to 1000A current capacity and offer the lowest profile right angle solution on the market today.

The innovations from this partnership will tackle a growing problem of the increased through-life costs associated with over-weight vehicle architecture.

For further information on this partnership and the solutions available please contact info@amphenol.co.uk or call +(0)1227 773200