Ampacimon BlueBOX technology Partial Discharge solutions prevent the risk of power outage and damage to your assets by detecting and monitoring Partial Discharge (PD) in the insulation of cables, GIS, and transformers.

Our mature PD solutions also automatically remove noise from the acquired signal, making it suitable for continuous monitoring.

At Cigre Paris 2022 (29 August – 2 September), we will launch an exciting new feature called PDEye, together with Red Electrica Spain and Elewit (REDEIA).

PDEye is a software solution for the automatic PD diagnosis developed in cooperation between Ampacimon, Red Eléctrica and Elewit.

PDEye automatically locates and separates each PD defect, identifying the PD pattern, physical phenomena and affected insulation. These PD events are collected from various locations and then analysed to indicate the severity per category of insulation and asset. It also recommends preventive action. 

When PDEye identifies any critical issues, it alerts the owner so that the responsible team can take action to perform subsequent maintenance works, and by fixing the asset problem before it completely breaks down, it helps utilities prevent power outages.

Don’t miss the product presentation from case studies by Elewit and Red Eléctrica on the benefits of PDEye on your power assets.

Join us at #CIGRE2022 – Stand S126

Image source: Courtesy of Ampacimon

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