Ampacimon has proudly achieved ISO 27001 Information Security Standard, which focuses on protecting confidentiality, integrity and availability of information.

ISO/IEC-27001 is the most widely acclaimed standard among business professionals. It is considered the top-tier certification among all bodies determining the requirements for an information security management system (ISMS).

Ampacimon’s ambition is to enable electrical grids for a CO2-free world, providing solutions to make them more efficient, and resilient, and lower operational costs. Ampacimon aims to do that by providing innovative software and sensors-based solutions, leveraging our rich technology know-how and supplying grid operators with relevant information to enable them to operate grids more efficiently.

Data being the underlying asset enabling Ampacimon’s missions, it strives to ensure that all our operations take cybersecurity risks into account to minimise the impact of any data loss or impairment on our customers, employees and other stakeholders. Being ISO 27001 certified is a key step towards properly assessing, managing and minimising such risks in every aspect of Ampacimon’s business. Ampacimon strives to adhere to best practices protecting our data and its integrity at all company levels.

The obtained certificate is a strong indicator that our company has regulated the information security field in accordance with the highest standards, to which Ampacimon will continue to commit in the future.

Image source: Courtesy of Ampacimon

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