Ampacet, a global masterbatch leader, has launched the ELTech™ product range, specifically formulated to respond to the stringent requirements of the E&E market.

Modern society lifestyles rely on electricity and telecommunication, whether at home, at work, during transport as well as for leisure activities. The Electrical & Electronic Equipment (E&E) segment covers a broad array of applications, including power and telecommunication cables, connectors, electrical boxes, casings, ducts, conduits, plugs, sockets and switches.

“ELTech solutions, part of our diversification strategy, will further enrich Ampacet’s wide portfolio of masterbatches and open opportunities for new markets,” says François Thibeau, Ampacet Strategic Business Manager E&E.

“Ampacet ELTech masterbatches are designed for coloring wire and cable jacketing and connectors, as well as other E&E applications, following the RAL color standards. The ELTech product range is based on various carrier resins such as PE, EVA, PBT and Universal Carrier (UN),” he added. 

The ELTech product range also includes masterbatches combining color with functional additives.

For proper functionality and operability of E&E applications, Ampacet offers advanced additive masterbatches, including laser marking, metal deactivators, UV stabilizers, flame retardants, antimicrobial, scratch resistance, slip and release, odor absorbers, process stabilizers and processing aids. 

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About Ampacet
Founded in 1937, Ampacet Corporation is a leading global masterbatch supplier committed to designing innovative custom color, special effect, high performance and sustainable products and solutions. Ampacet also manufactures a proprietary line of machinery and feeders for the plastic industry aimed to improve efficiencies in plastics manufacturing.

Headquartered in Tarrytown, N.Y., Ampacet employs more than 2,000 people worldwide, with 25 manufacturing sites including technical and color development centers in 18 countries throughout the Americas, Asia and Europe. For more information, visit

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