ASN has completed the marine installation of the PRM (Permanent Reservoir Monitoring) system at Johan Castberg.

In addition to Johan Sverdrup, which has been in operation for three years, this is the second PRM that ASN has produced and installed for Equinor. With the seismic data from the 3 665 stations in the PRM system covering an area of 56 km2 on the seabed (equivalent to 7 800 football fields), Equinor will be able to optimise the production from the oil field and increase the oil recovery rate.

Through its marine expertise and the development of a new Active Touch Down Monitoring (ATDM) tool, ASN has successfully deployed 215 km of seismic cable over a very complex terrain with unparalleled accuracy, achieving cable lay within a contractual corridor of 10m width at 400m water depth.

Thanks to the ATDM tool, a PRM system can be installed very accurately at deep water depth, with a very low bottom tension that also allow ensuring minimal cable suspension and optimum contact of seismic station on an irregular seabed.

Image source: Courtesy of ASN; image credit Equinor

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