AFL has been awarded six patents for new products and technologies that are being used to enhance Optical Connectivity and Apparatus (OCA) products, fiber optic cable and sensing products.

AFL was awarded a patent for a specialized Logging Cable designed to more accurately measure Distributed Pressure and Temperature Sensing (DPTS). This new invention provides a cable structure that allows for an optical fiber to have increased exposure to environmental factors within a well, while protecting the fiber from external mechanical forces, such as crushing and abrasion.

AFL’s OCA business unit received four patents. The first patent is for a Fiber Splice Enclosure which includes a chassis, cover and a cable port mounting plate that allows for the entry and exit of cables. Another patent was received for the method and apparatus for a universal XDSL demarcation interface with multi-functional capability and single performance enhancement. Additionally, a patent was received for an Exterior Distribution Pedestal Cabinet, a convenient modular approach allowing efficient fiber management. Lastly, AFL was the recipient of a patent for an Optical Fiber Distribution Cabinet that includes an optical splitter module and a connector holder support frame that allows for maintaining a multiplicity of output connectors.

AFL’s Research & Development Center received a patent for an innovation to Fujikura’s Optical Fiber Vibration Sensor technology. Historically used for perimeter security applications, the original technology uses a sensing loop involving multiple wavelengths of light injected into opposite ends of a fiber optic sensing cable length. That approach is difficult for applications where only one end of the sensing loop is accessible, as in downhole oil wells, because the photonic devices used to enable the sensing loop are too large to be placed at the far end of the sensing cable length. The patented innovation uses several different approaches to solve this problem.

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Pictured left to right: Sean Foley, Eddie Kimbrell, Ted Lichoulas, Jeffrey Jamieson, Lou Guzzo, Wink Courchaine and Brett Villiger.