Lowell, MA and Spartanburg, SC – October 19, 2015 – AFL announces its M310 OTDR is now available with the recently introduced LinkMap, a technology that interprets the tested network and presents an icon-based view of network elements clearly identifying fiber start, end, connectors, splices, and macro-bends. With the addition of LinkMap, the M310 provides greater functionality and simplifies network troubleshooting for enterprise networks.

Originally released in 2013, the M310 OTDR accurately locates and measures events on a network without increasing the likelihood of chasing false events with TruEvent™ technology. Coupled with the M310 Touch and Test® touch-screen interface, users can obtain accurate locations and measurements of all events, without the confusing introduction of false events. No special knowledge, training or test setups are required to achieve these results, saving users both time and money.“Adding the LinkMap feature to the M310 provides a more comprehensive OTDR solution for enterprise LAN/WAN customers,” states Ye Rong, OTDR product manager for AFL’s Test and Inspection division. “Being able to visually view events with clearly displayed pass/fail indicators helps technicians by making it easier to identify issues and troubleshoot.”

The M310 is the ideal solution addressing the many testing challenges associated with data centers and enterprise LAN/WAN networks. With LinkMap, loss and reflectance of network elements is compared to user-settable pass/fail thresholds and displayed with clear pass/fail indications. Users can instantly toggle between LinkMap and Trace view at the press of a button. With launch quality check, integrated macrobend detection, LinkMap also provides a Link Summary showing end-to-end link length, loss, loss/distance and ORL.

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