AFL expands the power and flexibility of the Rogue family of modular test equipment with the introduction of the Rogue iB1 Intelligent Base. The Android-inspired Rogue iB1 Intelligent Base has a 7-inch resolution color touchscreen with an icon-based user interface for superior ease-of-use. Ideal for applications and locations where smart devices are prohibited, the Rogue iB1 intelligent base unit provides an intuitive user interface by pairing test modules with Android apps where users can create the test capability that a technician requires for a specific job.

Hand-held and portable with a unique kickstand design that allows for portrait or landscape viewing, the Rogue iB1 utilizes interchangeable and hot-swappable test modules for maximum flexibility. The WiFi and Bluetooth® enabled ROGUE iB1 also provides integrated inspection capabilities in addition to the ability to utilize AFL’s multi-fiber switches for testing MPO/multi-fiber links.

Rogue is an open, flexible, ruggedly built modular test platform that enables customers to choose the functionality needed including full fiber optic Tier 1 certification, fiber end face inspection and multi-fiber MPO Certification. Rogue integrates seamlessly with aeRos®, AFL’s cloud-based, comprehensive workflow and data management solution. With aeRos, users can integrate every aspect of their workflow for even greater OPEX savings including setting up jobs and equipment before trucks ever roll, interacting with technicians in real time, collecting and analyzing data in the cloud, issuing reports more efficiently, and getting to revenue faster.

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