AFL, a leading specialty optical fiber and cable manufacturer, introduces the VHM7000 Series of highly bend-insensitive 50 µm graded-index multimode optical fiber designed for use in tight-bend applications. With its optimized optical design, VHM7000 Series fibers are engineered to operate under extremely small bend radii down to 7.5 mm.

“The VHM7000 series shows a significant improvement in bend loss over standard multimode fibers in a wide spectral range including the 980 nm – 1060 nm region, commonly used in sensing applications,” said Dr. Abdel Soufiane, general manager and Chief Technology Officer with AFL’s Specialty Fibers division. “The addition of a bend-insensitive multimode fiber with our harsh environment and hermetic technologies has been well-received by our customers.”

The VHM7000 fiber family is available with a wide variety of coatings including carbon, silicone, mid-temp acrylate, polyimide and PFA, allowing it to withstand high temperatures and hydrogen-containing atmospheres. Carbon coating can be applied to provide hermeticity against water and hydrogen in downhole applications and for fatigue resistance in long-term deployments.

The VHM7000 fiber series is available at proof test levels of 100 kpsi and 200 kpsi. For more information about AFL, its products and services, visit