Cable Technology News offers clients a range of annual digital media marketing packages and Sponsorships on the website.

If you are interested in taking your online marketing and PR campaigns to the next level, then please get in touch below.

What sets CTN apart is that it is one of the few media websites dedicated to the broader cable manufacturing sector, its end products and projects, and the technology and materials that go into manufacturing a cable. CTN’s partners can promote via various verticals, so your marketing will be targeted and relevant – not lost among other technology sectors – while reaching your interested areas as part of the same package.

On top of this, CTN has 17 years of experience running cable-related digital marketing and has a subsequent large, engaged, and relevant social media following, boasting tens of thousands of industry professionals.


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Please note, this is an enquiry form for my paid services, which are 12-month sponsorship packages. Please, do not use it to submit a free press release or news item. All my services are website based and they include social media. I do not currently run or operate a print or digital flip magazine; only my flagship website and the annual marketing packages are for this website only.