Cable Technology News is a leading provider of news and technology information for the wire and cable industry.

We provide opportunities for manufacturers, suppliers and distributors to feature their products and services via press releases, featured articles, interviews, video, directory profiles and advertising.

Industry Projects & Technology, our sister website, focuses on industry projects, contract awards and technology.

We cover the following sectors –

Wire & Cable – https://www.cabletechnologynews.co.uk/category/cable-wire/

Wire & Cable covers power cables, fibre optic cables, data cables, subsea and umbilical cables, offshore cables, onshore cables, control cables, RF cables, instrument cables, signal cables, heating cables, fire-resistant cables, mineral insulated cables and much more.

Cable Accessories – https://www.cabletechnologynews.co.uk/category/cable-accessories/

Cable Accessories covers all of the main cable accessories types, including cable glands, cable cleats, connectors and connectivity, cable ties, cable wraps, cable tapes, cable jointing, cable ladders, cable trays, cable inserts, cable seals, cable labels, cable sleeves, cable shrink tubing, cable terminations and much more.

Cable Equipment & Machinery – https://www.cabletechnologynews.co.uk/category/cable-equipment/

Cable Equipment & Machinery covers all of the main cable equipment, cable machinery and cable factory equipment subjects, including braiding machinery, taping machinery, winding machinery, extrusion machinery, bunching machinery, spools, cable manufacturing software, cable measurement tools and machinery, cable drums and reels, cable factory moving equipment, cable cutting equipment, dies and much more.

Fibre Optic, Data & Telecom – https://www.cabletechnologynews.co.uk/category/fibre-optic/

Fibre Optic, Data & Telecom covers news on fibre optic cables, patch cables, data cables, RF cables, optical fibre, ethernet cables, structured cabling and much more.

Power – https://www.cabletechnologynews.co.uk/category/power/

Power covers all of the latest power cable projects, both land and underwater, LV, MV, HV and Ultra HV, as well as power connectors, jointing and equipment.

Raw Materials – https://www.cabletechnologynews.co.uk/category/raw-materials/

Raw Materials covers news on all types of cable raw materials, including compounds, copper, steel, aluminium, yarns, tapes, wires, rods and much more.

Underwater – https://www.cabletechnologynews.co.uk/category/underwater/

Underwater covers news on all of the latest underwater, subsea communications, umbilical and power cable projects, product technology, vessels and equipment.

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