ABL Group has been awarded a contract to provide marine warranty survey (MWS) services on the Greenlink interconnector – a 500MW interconnector linking power networks in Ireland and Great Britain.

Greenlink is a 190km long HVDC subsea and underground electricity cable that will facilitate energy transmission between the Great Island substation in County Wexford, Ireland, and National Grid’s Pembroke substation, Pembrokeshire, UK.

Not only will the cable enable the two-way flow of energy between Ireland and Great Britain, it will also open up the flow of green energy from Great Britain to wider Europe.

“Interconnectors are key to reaching our international climate goals, allowing transmission of green energy between countries based on supply and demand. They reduce the risk of energy curtailment, whilst reinforcing energy security and efficiency across continents. Greenlink is strategically very important in strengthening Europe’s energy security – now more than ever,” says Mike McLachlan, Renewables MWS Director: Europe and London at ABL.

The developer Greenlink Interconnector Ltd. has awarded the contract to ABL’s operation in London, UK.

Greenlink will consist of two converter stations linked by two high voltage direct current cables (HVDC) in a bundled pair under the Irish Sea, each of 160km. There will also be a Fibre Optic cable installed alongside the power cables for control of the interconnector.

Under the contract, ABL will provide marine warranty services for all transportation and installation (T&I) operations relating to the two 160km subsea power and one Fibre Optic cables as well as marine assurance services to check the suitability of the proposed fleet for operations.

“As a group we have worked on more than 30 interconnector projects in either a marine warranty survey or independent engineering capacity, across Europe, Asia, Middle East and the Americas. We are proud to have the opportunity to bring our expertise to support such an important Anglo-Irish project as Greenlink,” adds Mike McLachlan.

Source: https://abl-group.com/
Image source: Courtesy of ABL Group

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