3M invented Cold Shrink technology over 40 years ago, so no one knows more about it than we do. The merits and reliability of Cold Shrink products have been proven through years of successful field use and laboratory testing.

3M Cold Shrink splices eliminate the need for heat applied and force fit solutions, resulting in safer, more reliable, and lower cost installations.

3M Cold Shrink provides a number of benefits for cable splicing applications, including:

  • No heat, flames or special installation tools required
  • Constant radial pressure enables consistent electrical interfaces
  • Easy, fast and safe installation
  • Symmetrical cable cutback dimensions
  • Allows transitioning of different size cables
  • Suitable for use with most industry-standard connectors

3M Cold Shrink products contain elastomeric bonds, giving them elasticity similar to rubber bands. When stretched and then allowed to shrink onto a cable, they exert a strong inward force that produces a constant radial pressure on the cable – providing excellent electrical performance, and superior environmental sealing compared to heat shrink cable accessories.

This short video demonstrates the dramatic difference in constant radial pressure exerted by 3M Cold Shrink versus heat shrink products:


For further information, contact Sean Appleton (sappleton@mmm.com)