UL Product iQ™: The next generation of UL’s online certification directory

New certification platform marries the longstanding UL certification data relied upon by millions of users with the intuitive design and user-friendliness of a modern search engine.

Product iQ enables you to access the same trusted UL certification information you’re used to receiving via the original Online Certification Directory (OCD). You can quickly and efficiently explore content in the modern search engine powered by an intelligent algorithm that yields accurate results.

Top 5 Things to Know About Product iQ

1. Access the same trusted UL certification data.
Product iQ gives you access to same trusted UL certifications information as the OCD so you can research a UL listing, classification, or recognition. You can also verify the use of a UL listed/recognized product or component, or confirm a product safety standard.

2. Experience a clean interface with superior usability.
Product iQ offers a modern platform, specifically designed for the exchange of technical information. The intuitive design and well-organized navigation allow efficient and productive searches. You can access the platform on your mobile device anywhere you have an internet connection.

3. Pinpoint the exact content you need.
Product iQ’s intelligent algorithm and powerful search tools help you locate exactly what you need. Start with guided keyword search or build custom, complex queries of the properties most important to you. Multiple search refinement filters hone your results to an even more relevant set.

4. Personalize your account.
Product iQ opens to a personalized dashboard that displays your search history for quick and convenient reference. The Power Search feature allows you to build searches using the exact parameters you need.

5. Get a confirmation letter of UL compliance in one click.
Any user at the Product iQ basic subscription level has one-click access to a UL Confirmation Letter that verifies compliance to requirements for any company or product on official UL letterhead.

For more information visit productiq.ul.com

Author: Cable Technology News Team

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