PolyOne Wire and Cable Formulations Promote Safe, Sustainable and Efficient Innovation

PolyOne is bringing safety and sustainability to the forefront of the wire and cable market with new flame-retardant formulations for industrial energy and solar power cables.

Working with customers to understand and meet performance needs, PolyOne engineers developed FireCon™ CPE to achieve pertinent UL standards for flame retardance. In addition, the base polymer is inherently resistant to harsh chemicals, extreme temperatures, harsh weather, oil, and gasoline. Industrial energy cable producers rely on this combination of flame retardance and performance to maximize safety for their customers.

For solar energy applications, a new Syncure™ formulation helps solar cables to maintain safe energy delivery while improving production efficiencies. The redesigned Syncure material enables cable manufacturers to use a single resin for both vertical and horizontal cable systems, eliminating the need for a second material and associated costs and assembly time.

“The need for fire safety in industrial and sustainable energy cabling is universal,” said Walter Ripple, vice president and general manager, Specialty Engineered Materials North America at PolyOne. “Our new formulations enable manufacturers to attain flame retardance while also reducing costs for changeover, downtime, and inventory.”

Author: Cable Technology News Team

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