Nexans delivers best-in-class Fibre To The Office network infrastructure for Athens’ historic City Hall

In the beginning of 2018, the Athens Municipality launched its Digital Roadmap, a plan aimed at modernizing internet infrastructure of the city with over 3,000 years of history. In the framework of this programme, the capital of Greece intends to digitalize its administration and build state-of-the-art communications infrastructure, including in some of its most important historical buildings. To upgrade the network of the City Hall, Nexans provided the Athens Municipality with specialized cutting-edge Fibre To The Office (FTTO) solutions including microbundles and accessories.

To guarantee high-speed Internet connection and provide advanced IT-based services for the employees of the City Hall, Nexans deployed a powerful physical infrastructure based on fibre optic technology both inside and outside the buiding. The indoor fibre cables with microbundles and accessories manufactured by Nexans were also coupled with connectivity and LANactive FTTO switches as well as the LANactive NEXMAN management software.

Nexans’ solution is a flexible and future-proof networking system that can adapt to the constantly changing operational needs of the City Hall thanks to its scalable and modular structure. The fibre-optic cables were designed specifically to have a reduced volume to allow for an easy installation within the restricted space available and are both fire resistant and halogen free. Compared to traditional LAN, the fibre-optic solution from Nexans provided Athens Municipality with energy savings up to 45%.

“The City of Athens has adopted FTTO as the most cost effective and energy efficient network technology for our buildings. Our digital transformation is embracing all of our employees and citizens as we try to provide advanced IT based services for all,” said Konstantinos Champides, Chief Digital Officer for the Athens Municipality“Thanks to Nexans, we now have a best in class cabling infrastructure to support our needs for the next 25 years and and enable the implementation of our digital roadmap.”

“It has been an honour for Nexans to deliver our cutting-edge FTTO solution for this amazing project,” said Marcel Reifenberg, Technical Support / Software Development manager at Nexans“Despite the challenges of working in a historical building with limited space for installation, Nexans was able to successfully deliver the project on schedule – and without closing the building while the installation work was carried out.”

The LANactive FTTO switches were manufactured by Nexans Germany in its Mönchengladbach facility while the indoor fibre cables with microbundles were produced in Frameries, Belgium by Nexans Opticable unit specialised in fibre optic cables. Finally, the associated accessories were delivered by Nexans Cabling Solutions based in Buizingen, Belgium.

Author: Cable Technology News Team

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