NEW Flat Cables for a Round World Video

Cicoil, the leading manufacturer of high performance Flat Cables, is pleased to announce its newest video: “Flat Cables for a Round World”.  This Informational tutorial illustrates the multiple advantages of using Cicoil’s EZ-Flexx flat design concept in place of multiple round cables.  View the broadcast here:

For years, Cicoil only offered a standard flat profile cable design, which limited its use in some markets that required round cables.  To meet these new needs, Cicoil developed a new easy to use, flat contoured cable named EZ-Flexx, that could be utilized in round cable applications.  Unlike, the standard flat cable designs, this new concept incorporates Round Components which can be easily split apart from the main cable body, are easy to strip, are thinner, weigh less, and extremely easy to work with.

Cicoil’s patented computer-controlled extrusion process allows various individual round components, such as power conductors, twisted shielded pairs, and even tubing, to be placed in a flat parallel profile, precisely controlling the spacing of each component, insulation thickness and the overall cable shape. This ensures that each of the internal contents do not rub against each other and wear during operation.

Additional videos in the series will include: “A History of Innovation”; “Mission Critical Flat Cables”; “Standard Cicoil Flat Cables Overview” and “Top 5 Reasons to use Flat Cable (vs round cable)”.  If you would like to learn more about our Innovative Flat Cable Technology and how Cicoil developed the First IDC Ribbon Cable, helped put a Man on the Moon, and designed the first Class 1 Clean Room Cable, please contact our office at 661-295-1295 to discuss your application or to set up an on-site visit to your location.

Author: Cable Technology News Team

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