Madem-Moorecraft Reels USA, Inc. TARBORO, NC USA Production

Madem-Moorecraft Reels USA, Inc. has announced final preparations for the beginning of operations. Manufacturing start date is scheduled for April, 2018. The new factory will be the most modern wooden reel manufacturing plant in the world. This will be the fourth factory of the Brazilian Group Madem. Globally, the combined operations of Madem Group supply more than 120 cable companies in 40 countries and is recognized as the worldwide market leader.

“Madem Group seeks to maintain the same level of quality, customer service and environmental stewardship worldwide,” said Leandro Mazzoccato, Corporate Sales Director for Madem Group and President of Madem-Moorecraft Reels USA, Inc.

“In addition to our manufacturing operations, we intend to establish assembly and distribution warehouses throughout the USA,” said Stephen Redhage, Vice-President and General Manager of Madem-Moorecraft Reels USA, Inc.

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Author: Cable Technology News Team

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