Digitization – Niehoff at wire 2018

Düsseldorf, Germany, 16 – 20 April 2018, Booth 10C06

Maschinenfabrik Niehoff, one of the leading manufacturers of machinery engineered for the wire and cable industry, will be exhibiting at the wire 2018 at booth 10C06. The following equipment will be on display:

> a multiwire drawing line type MMH 121 + RM 161,

> a D 632 type double twist bunching machine,

> an NPS double spooler type SV 402 D,

> a rotary braiding machine BMV 16.

On the upper floor, Niehoff’s after-sales-service will be showcasing consumable / wear parts as well as its “Niehoff Original+” products. These products help increase the efficiency of Niehoff systems over the long term. There, the visitors will also learn how they can use Niehoff’s new digitization concept.

In the implementation of concepts on the “Industry 4.0” topic, Niehoff will set completely new standards. Process monitoring and machine condition analysis are possible at all time because the most varied manufacturing data of modern Niehoff systems can be collected and analyzed. Thus, all details related to production technology are transparent and within the field of the user’s vision resulting in a further increase of effectiveness of Niehoff systems, a more efficient maintenance and shorter downtimes. Niehoff optionally offers for its machines additional sensor packages which are tailored to the application.

The Niehoff exhibits

The multiwire drawing machine type MMH 121 is designed to draw at one level simultaneously up to 16 copper wires (Cu hard) with a maximum diameter of 2.05 mm (AWG 12) on a finished diameter of 0.15 mm (AWG 34 ½ ) to 1.40 mm (AWG 15) and can operate at speeds up to 40 m/s (7870 fpm).The machine is combined with an inline annealer type RM 161.The machine is operated by means of the standardized NMI (NIEHOFF Machine Interface), a network-compatible touchscreen which features a clear task and user-oriented navigation structure and enables an easy intuitive operation.The intelligent technology of the machine makes it possible to use machine, production and process data according to Industry 4.0.

The MMH machines are particularly designed for copper and aluminum wires and of modular design. Therefore, these machines can be readily adapted to the specific requirements of the users. To date, more than 1,500 MMH lines are in operation world-wide. Wires drawn on this equipment surpass the most demanding specifications and processing requirements as far as electrical conductivity, surface quality and mechanical properties.  These wires can be processed to multiwire bundles with outstanding characteristics and are ideally suited for final applications or downstream processes such as high-quality stranding or braiding.

The D 632 type double twist bunching machine is able to produce strands with 0.09 to 6.00 mm² (AWG 27 ½ … 9 ½) cross section and a steplessly variable lay length of 6 to 100 mm. The maximum number of twists is 7000 twists/min and the maximum production speed 300 m/min (984 fpm). The machine is ideally suited for the manufacture of strands of copper alloy wires (e.g. CuMg alloys) for automotive wires.

The D 632 is equipped with an energy-class IE3 energy-saving rotor drive and an adjustable fan drive in the sound proof cabin. A further special feature is the patented opto-electronic NBAT system (NIEHOFF Bunching Automatic Traverse) which allows spools to be perfectly spooled. Spooled wire can then be payed-off tangle-free at extremely high speeds with no damage. Other features include the service proven energy-saving single bow (ECO-Bow) design, the non-contact transmission of machine data within the machine and the NMI (NIEHOFF Machine Interface) touchscreen display with color user interface and simplified navigation structure.

The sensor technology was implemented in the machine with particular regard to the requirements of Industry 4.0 capability and enables diameter measurement of the finished bunched strand as well as the continuous monitoring of the preset lay length.

The NPS double spooler type SV 402 D is part of the Niehoff Package System (NPS), a highly efficient, safe and economic handling system for automotive wires. The spooler is foreseen for in-line operation with extrusion lines and can spool insulated wires with a cross section of 0.13 mm² (AWG 26), copper wire strands with 0.22 … 6.0 mm² (AWG 23 ½ … 9 ½) cross section and copper alloy strands and can be operated at a maximum speed of 1800 m/min (5900 fpm).

The sensor technology of the machine makes it possible to use machine, production and process data according to Industry 4.0.

The protected conical wire laying technology offers a secure, stable and tangle-free package on the NPS spools both when full or partially empty. Thus, NPS spools enable highest cable pay-off speeds into downstream processes.

The most recent highlight of the NPS is the completely new developed NPS PP spool series. These collapsible multiway plastic spools are offered in the same dimensions as all NPS ABS spools at a very cost efficient price. The spools of the NPS PP series also offer the same production safety and the same application potential like all 3 million NPS spools made of ABS plastic and are fully compatible with them.

The 16-carrier lever arm rotary braiding machine BMV 16 is designed for processing of bare or plated round or flat wire made form copper, aluminum or stainless steel with single-wire diameters ranging from 0.05 to 0.3 mm (40 … 28 1/2 AWG) as well as artificial yarn and fibers. Like all other models in the BMV series, this machine features infinitely adjustable electronic control of line speed and braiding pitch as well as an automatic central lubrication system. The machine demonstrated at the booth is equipped with the WTM (WTM – wire tension monitoring) system:The tension at each spool carrier is measured by means of integrated measurement electronics at the dancer and transmitted to the control panel of the BMV. There, a visualization of the tension is carried out for each spool carrier. Mean values and extreme values are displayed to the operator who can quickly react to possible changes and impact positively on the quality of the braiding product. By means of other monitoring systems, some optionally available, BMV braiders can operate unattended for extended periods and without frequent operator intervention. Also for the braiding machines new functionalities have been developed according to the requirements of Industry 4.0.

Co-exhibitor HFSAB

  1. Folke Sandelin AB (HFSAB) will also exhibit at the Niehoff booth. The company established in Sweden is the global market leader in the area of lead extruders and cable stripping machines. By means of a reconditioned screw of a horizontal lead extruder HFSAB demonstrates its capability to overhaul used machines and to bring them to a like-new quality level.

Complete solutions from a single source

Maschinenfabrik Niehoff develops and builds with an experience of more than 60 years all machinery – with the exception of extruders – needed for the production and the downstream processing of non-ferrous wires into automotive, power, data and special cables. In addition, the portfolio contains technical assistance by professional specialists who speak the customers´ languages. The reliable supply with original Niehoff wear parts and spare parts, machinery inspection, refurbishment and maintenance measures as well as machine operator and maintenance training courses complete the range of services. Niehoff Group offers custom-tailored solutions from development and planning to turnkey projects of complete cable factories.

Niehoff Endex North America, Inc. (NENA), a wholly owned subsidiary of the Niehoff Group, with manufacturing and engineering capabilities in NJ, USA, is responsible for the sales, supply, and service of the entire Niehoff product range in the USA, Canada & Mexico.

The Group with nearly 800 employees worldwide is comprised of its headquarters, five manufacturing subsidiaries (in Brazil, the US, the Czech Republic, India, and China) as well as sales and service centers in Japan, Singapore and Russia.

Author: Cable Technology News Team

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