CommScope licenses fiber adapter portfolio to AFL

CommScope, a global leader in infrastructure solutions for communications networks, has licensed to AFL Telecommunications its portfolio of patents for duplex LC fiber optic adapters, which are designed to fit within an SC adapter footprint. The portfolio license provides rights to the US patents and foreign counterparts in the CommScope portfolio.

As the second license granted by CommScope to its duplex LC adapter patent portfolio, the license provides additional acknowledgement of the value of the duplex LC adapter patent portfolio by another leader in the market.

“CommScope has an industry standard license available to our duplex LC adapter portfolio and is offering preferred licenses for a limited number of companies that are first to license,” said Marc Bolick, senior vice president, CommScope Technologies LLC. “AFL’s agreement to take a license to CommScope’s duplex LC adapter portfolio provides recognition of the value of our portfolio for companies that are making or selling duplex LC adapters.” 

CommScope’s duplex LC fiber optic adapters are unique in their ability to increase the density of fiber optic connections. The benefit of these adaptors is that the duplex adapter has the same footprint as a simplex SC fiber optic adapter, and thus can double the density of fiber optic connections in the same or existing footprint as an SC adapter. As the leading small form factor connector used in optical transceivers, duplex LC adapters connect active equipment in central offices, buildings, data centers and cell sites.

CommScope has invested substantial resources in bringing advanced technology networking products and solutions to market and has built a substantial patent portfolio to protect its investment. The company is committed to protecting its intellectual property rights.

Author: Cable Technology News Team

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