Improving the management of Cable-making

Cimteq launches new Business Improvement training and coaching in the Effective Production and Technical Management of Cable-making

February 2018 – Cimteq Ltd, a leading software provider for the design and manufacturing of cables, is offering manufacturing professionals the opportunity to improve and extend their capabilities in the Effective Production and Technical Management of Cable-Making leading to a certified qualification.

The course has been developed to drive managers, supervisors and engineers in functional teams to achieve substantial improvement in performance through an integrated approach. The centre-piece is a combined training and coaching service that leads to a certified qualification. It will provide an enhanced understanding of the different aspects in the management of cable-making, coaching and support in the development of improvement projects and ultimately a certified qualification. It is expected that the potential benefits identified for a cell or plant during the course will more than cover its costs.

Often teams will attempt to optimise aspects of technical and production management that are under their direct control without considering the consequences or opportunities of a more integrated approach. Prioritising improvement effort on the aspects that give the best medium and long-term benefits should be the role of management.

Effective operational management should be a pre-requisite for any wire and cable plant. A manual approach can provide significant benefits, but these can be extended further by using integrated, digital tools. Waste can be significantly and systematically eliminated. Manufacturing can become a competitive advantage rather than a strategic weakness.

When digital data is shared with the business and technical databases and systems, it can improve decision making, planning and estimating. All of these, when combined, improve the certainty and repeatability of performance and hence of profitability.

Wire and cable manufacturing is one of the most complex production environments that exists. It takes many years to develop a good understanding of the internal supply-chain and its processes.

The course leader, Bill Pearson, has a wide-ranging and long career in the cable industry and led interventions in plants throughout the UK, Europe, the USA and Asia-Pacific. He will draw from his experiences and provide participating companies with a unique opportunity to draw on his knowledge and skills to develop the next generation of senior Operations Managers and, importantly, short and medium-term improvements.

Participants will be exposed to a wide range of the technical and production management challenges that affect their daily lives. They will be taught how to monitor, manage and improve their working environment.

The study method is flexible and can be delivered anywhere in the world. It enables ‘out of hours’ study and catch up. The one to one support participants will receive when completing short assignments will reinforce their understanding and extend the knowledge transfer from the experienced trainers. They will be coached through the final assignment and they and their companies will develop an understanding of the short, medium and longer-term improvements that they could achieve. They will develop an understanding of the role that digital manufacturing could play in their overall strategy. The benefits from this course could have a profound impact on the long-term competitiveness of their manufacturing facility.

This course is aimed at professionals working in the cable manufacturing industry. Typical intake includes; Production Manager, Technical Manager, Production Supervision, Technical Assistant, Manufacturing/Process Engineer, Cable Design, Owner/Managers.

Bill Pearson, Course Leader, will be hosting a free webinar on 8th March 2018, providing information on course modules and answering any questions.

For more information or to register a free webinar, please contact Katy Harrison, Marketing Manager, Cimteq, or go to

Author: Cable Technology News Team

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